18 Genealogy Projects You Need to Try and Accomplish


Genealogy is an amazing and versatile hobby.  There are so many things you can do and different areas that you can try out (it’s hard to get bored).  Listed below are 18 projects that you could try (organized by difficulty/skill level).  The list isn’t comprehensive, it’s just meant to get your mind racing a bit.  So, browse the list below and try a project out for your next genealogy project!

Genealogy Basics

1. Research and fill out a five generation pedigree chart of your direct ancestors (this will have you researching back to your 16 great-great grandparents).

2. Write a life history for yourself to this point of one of your relatives.  I recommend choosing among your oldest living relatives that may not be around much longer.

3. Ensure that your vital genealogical statistics are recorded (birth, marriage, death dates) for you and your spouse, your children, and any grandchildren.

4. Ensure that your vital genealogical statistics are recorded (birth, marriage, death dates) for you and your parents and siblings.

5. Start writing a journal about your life and experiences.

6. Gather all the historical documents and photos you currently physically have into one location.

7. Trace an ancestor’s journey across the United States and document their route on a map.

    Beginner Level

    8. Digitize any photos you have for yourself, spouse, children, and grandchildren.

    9. Start a Facebook group for one of your ancestors and their spouse.  Add as many relatives as you can to be members of the group.  You can then share your research findings, photos, etc. with your cousins.

    10. Record an interview with a relative (asking them questions about their life experiences).

      Intermediate Level

      11. Create a shadow box for a relative’s military service (you can include a flag, unit patches, awards, medals, etc.).

      12. On Google Earth, map out where each of your ancestors were born, resided during a given census, and died.

      13. Find birth, marriage, death and census records for each of your grandparents and great-grandparents.

      14. Determine which of your ancestors immigrated.  I mark information like this off on an oversized fan chart that I have hanging in my basement.

        Advanced Level

        15. For your five generation org chart, research what religion each of your ancestors belonged to.

        16. Join a lineage society (Daughters of the American Revolution, General Society of Mayflower descendants.

        17. Become a certified genealogist

        18. Research and fill out an eight generation pedigree chart of your direct ancestors and their families. 

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