Audiovisual Resources Available at FamilySearch Libraries for Genealogy

I recently found out that some of the FamilySearch has added some new audiovisual services available for free to the public to help preserve your genealogical assets. These resources can no doubt help enhance your genealogical research and preserve  family memories.

With the holidays fast approaching,  you could easily create an heirloom for a loved one in your family (that could be cherished for generations) using these resources.

Some of these audiovisual resources include the ability to:

  • Scan documents and photos.
  • Digitze old slides.
  • Convert VHS tapes to DVDs.
  • Use the sound recording/studio equipment to record stories, memories, interviews, histories, etc.

If you have an audiovisual genealogical project you’ve been wanting to complete for awhile, consider visiting a FamilySearch library near you (I would suggest contacting the location first though to ensure they have the equipment you’re needing).

There are hundreds of FamilySearch libraries and family history centers located throughout the world. You can find a location near you at

For more information about other free resources available at a FamilySearch library (or Family History Center), check out my other post at


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